Helen Adrienne


Achieve Stress Reduction, Enhanced Coping, and Clarity

Helen Adrienne has been the go-to professional for over three decades for women who are struggling with infertility.

As a seasoned psychotherapist, trained in mind/body therapy and clinical hypnotherapy, Helen is uniquely qualified to teach field-tested, effective techniques for managing stress, rediscovering inner strength and resources and reclaiming control on this journey.

The use of her training in mind/body therapy and clinical hypnotherapy has made it possible for her patient population to achieve relief from the inordinate stress that is the hallmark of the fertility quest. In addition to working in private sessions and teaching stress reduction classes for infertile women, Helen runs a twice yearly training program for professionals who wish learn about infertility and develop expertise in helping patients develop stress-reducing coping skills. She also co-teaches hypnosis master classes with Dr. Jeff Zeig of the Milton Erickson Foundation.

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Helen Adrienne’s heart has been in private practice since 1979 both as a general therapist, working with individuals and couples on a multitude of issues, and as a specialist providing mental health services to reproductive and gynecological patients


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