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Hey! Welcome, we’re so pleased you’re here. We’re Abi, Karen and Jo, the co-founders of Fertility Circle. We’ve been on the fertility rollercoaster (and in fact as we write this we’re right back on it) - we’ve felt the rush of hope and the familiar stomach lurch of another miscarriage or failed cycle. Our paths crossed at just the right moment to spark an idea for a new kind of fertility platform – one that offered all the things we longed for when we were trying. That left us feeling empowered, not powerless. It seemed the available sites and sources were either heavily medical, leaving us even more bamboozled, or forums offering gems of the ‘my-sister-told-me-if-you-do-it-in-the-garden-when-the-moon-is-waning-you’ll-definitely-get-pregnant’ variety. Why wasn’t there a single place – a one-stop fertility shop, if you like – that was both practical (want to search for and book a clinic or holistic practitioner near you? No problem!) and supportive (would you like to connect with our community and read real life stories people who’re facing similar challenges to you? Come on in!). Fast forward a year and here it is – the Fertility Circle app - bringing the world of fertility to your fingertips. We hope it will become the definitive home of all things fertility. Our vision for this is to give you all you need to feel connected, empowered and supported, throughout your fertility journey. Our hope is that it will be a place for virtual hugs and support where you can come when you need a friend who just “gets it”. P.S. It's important to remember that this app and all content provided by Fertility Circle and its partners is for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.


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This is the go-to guide for finding fertility support. Users will be able to search for clinics and practitioners local to them or anywhere in the world. Don’t miss out and get your business listed.

List your fertility event in our Events feed

We try to source as many events as we can but we’re not aware of everything so please do get in touch so we can list your event. If you’re planning more of a casual meet up, you can list this yourself in the Community>Meet Ups section.

List your offer in our Offers section

Have a promotion, competition or special offer you’d like to promote? We’ll provide a coupon in our Offers section and help you get it out there through in-app promotion.

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We only list the very best fertility products so our users have a limited selection of the cream of the crop. We operate an affiliate model and also offer discounts to our premium Club members.

Contribute content to our Learn section

This is our content library covering a wide range of fertility topics. Writing articles or creating video is a great way to increase exposure for your business and share your knowledge and the topics you care about.

Apply to become one of our Resident Experts

These are our go-to experts who support our community. You’ll see their names popping up around the app. Being an expert means you’ll become a trusted voice, which is great for your business. You can find out more by heading to become one of our experts in the side menu of our app.

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Just fill in the partnerships survey here telling us how you'd like to get involved and we'll be in touch with more info asap!


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