Collaborative Care

Holistic Fertility Treatment and Support for a Healthy Pregnancy

Our highly successful holistic treatment regimen supports you emotionally and physically while nurturing your reproductive health.

Traditional Chinese Medicine: Supporting Reproductive Potential

Our focus is on you – on strengthening your reproductive health and optimizing your chances of a successful pregnancy whether you are trying to conceive naturally or attempting assisted reproductive techniques (ART) in the future.

Our focus is on the IVF and FET outliers – on supporting your reproductive system in a way that improves egg quality, ovarian response and uterine environment. Fertility does decline with age but your reproductive potential can absolutely be influenced and benefited holistically.

Why choose us

Our focus is on the women and couples who, because of their medical fertility journey, seriously doubt pregnancy can happen naturally, and healthily – on building your confidence and shifting your mindset away from a fearful, stressed state to a healthier, more fertile you!


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