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My Fertility Book: All the fertility and infertility explanations you will ever need, from A to Z

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Author: Lamb, Sheila

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 387

Release Date: 08-11-2018

Details: Are you stressed navigating the world of conception? Discover a comprehensive list of terms to boost your confidence. Are you frustrated trying to follow all the directions you receive from your gynecologist? Do you get confused by scientific words or medical language? Are you overwhelmed by the sheer amount of infertility information available online? Former nurse and midwife Sheila Lamb struggled with her own infertility for six years and became an expert on the condition. Now she’s here to share her easy-to-understand vocabulary list to demystify jargon and spell out abbreviations so you can steer your own reproductive health. My Fertility Book: All the fertility and infertility explanations you will ever need, from A to Z will guide you through the terminology of reproductive health and thus reduce overwhelm. With descriptions given in plain, non-medical English, you can use this clear-cut handbook as a convenient go-to guide. You’ll feel more in control and reduce your anxiety with this straightforward information always at your fingertips. In My Fertility Book, you’ll discover: A detailed 25-step reproductive health explanation so that you fully understand what happens in your body An alphabetical glossary of over 250 fertility/infertility terms so you can do your own independent research Illustrations and diagrams to help you understand descriptions and increase your confidence An extensive library of reproduction terms that you can refer to during appointments to help you make informed decisions Anecdotal stories to support you on your emotional path, and much, much more! My Fertility Book is a reassuring mobile reference that helps you build your knowledge. If you like being in charge of your health, fully informed, and connected to an empathic author, then you’ll love Sheila Lambs’ essential guide. Buy My Fertility Book to be empowered in your special journey today!

Package Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.5 x 0.9 inches

Languages: English