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Hilariously Infertile

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Author: Karen Jeffries

Brand: Bookbaby

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 112

Release Date: 26-08-2018

Details: Product Description This book, titled Hilariously Infertile, is on a mission to make others who have struggled with infertility, laugh (perhaps while their feet are still in the stirrups and their vaginas are enjoying the fresh air of the fertility clinic). It is a comedic, self-deprecating, look into the harsh, scary, and often sad world of infertility. Hilariously Infertile will make you laugh out loud while wishing you could have a glass of wine with the author and discuss how you relate to her story is. The author pokes fun at the infertility world, with jokes, such as, equating the constant gynecological exams to her sluttiest days in college, and wondering if her husband will be home in time to stick it (the IVF ass shot) into her butt. We follow the author's journey from trying to conceive on her own, discovering she is infertile, getting pregnant, and then doing it all again for her second child. The entire journey is marked with uproarious scenes that any woman who has ever been to the gynecologist can identify with. At times, the author's candor will surely lead the reader to conclude that the outlandish stories cannot be true. But they are, all of them. Included in the journey is a chapter on being a new mom. This chapter is funny and real. It does not boast about being a parent, to those who still may be on that path; rather, it speaks candidly about the adjustment to a new life that the author worked hard to achieve, via fertility treatments, and yet still was not ready for. There is no filter for the author of Hilariously Infertile. This book tells it like it is, from sex, to infertility, to being a mother and a wife. If you have thought it somewhere deep down inside, this book says it aloud. About the Author Karen is a fourth grade dual language teacher outside of New York City. She does not consider herself a writer, but she did write a hilarious book about infertility that she has been sharing with her followers for the past few years. Karen is infertile and funny! A combination that is equal parts unlikely and spectacular. Karen conceived her first child through insemination and her second child through IVF. She loves to spend time with her children, make out with her dog, watch tv with her supportive husband, and apply numerous layers of face cream due to her recent realization that she is on the slippery slope to forty years old. Additional random facts about Karen are that she loves to do Pilates and go horse back riding on the weekends. She is talented at renovating kitchens and bathrooms. She also loves salsa dancing, although she is not sure her marriage can handle her adding another hobby.

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