We are dedicated to providing complementary care with meaningful results by using an integrative approach to Eastern Medicine.

We partner with our patients to help them:

  • FEEL BALANCED: Acupuncture is an energetic prompt to the body’s intelligence that restores balance.
  • FEEL NOURISHED: We combine different herbs to craft a formula to address your unique symptom pattern.
  • FEEL RELAXED: Our bodywork team draws on a variety of modalities to open, balance & align your body.

Fertility Support

We can optimize your ability to conceive naturally or work with your doctor to support your fertility treatment.

  • INCREASE CIRCULATION: We help to reduce inflammation to aid embryo implantation and use acupuncture to increase the blood supply to the pelvis & uterus to support a healthy ovarian follicle.
  • BALANCE HORMONES: Because acupuncture has a normalizing effect on reproductive hormones, it can be used to correct hormonal imbalances that prevent conception.
  • SUPPORT IVF & ART: We complement the treatment you receive from your RE or OB/GYN & work hand-in-hand with your physician to ensure that you are receiving integrative care.
Why choose us

Our treatment is based on Jill’s book “Making Babies” and includes regular acupuncture & herbal medicine, combined with lifestyle & dietary advice


Initial Consultation / Follow Up Treatment – $170 / $135
Initial Consultation with a Clinic Director / Follow Up Treatment with a Clinic Director – $185 / $150

Initial Herbal Consultation / Follow Up Herbal Consultation – $150 / $100

General: 30 min/60 min/ 90 min/ 120 min – $85 / $150 / $210 / $260

60 min – $225

Packages: Please reach out to the front desk for details about discounted packages.
Insurance: Some insurance policies cover acupuncture or massage for certain conditions and, although we don’t process insurance in our office, we are able to provide you with a receipt that has the correct billing codes on it, which will help you to be reimbursed for your treatment. You can also use an HSA or FSA card.


37 West 17th Street, Suite 300
New York, NY 10011

East Side:
150 East 58th Street, 6th Floor Annex
New York, NY 10155

Brooklyn Heights:
147 Remsen Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

We also offer a concierge service if you can't travel to us

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