Ukrainian Institute of Surrogacy

Ukrainian Institute of Surrogacy (UI Surrogacy) is a fast-growing global alliance comprised of leading doctors, the best fertility clinics, as well as high profile professionals in medical, psychological, and legal counselling.

Our experts have exceptional reputations in their fields and are recognized not only in Ukraine but also beyond its borders.

The prime legacy of our Institute is the IVF, Surrogacy and Egg donation facilities that are known on a worldwide scale for their impeccable reputation, success rate, and academic approach in the field of assisted reproductive technologies, human genetics, and legal consultations.

We are aware of the confusion and challenges you face when choosing a credible and professional clinic or surrogacy agency amongst an extensive list of possibilities.

Genuine care, an individual approach, high standards, and integrity are our main principles. Our ultimate ambition is to create new lives and fulfill the dreams that you carry through Gestational Surrogacy in Ukraine while providing protection from possible mistakes and frustrations.

We are pleased to pursue your dream, as we know the most effective way!

We believe that our principal investment and value are our team. We have deliberately selected enthusiastic experts who are remarkably competent with expertise gained locally and internationally at highly reputable organizations.

We all are certain that “A dream you dream alone is just a dream, though the dream you dream together turns into reality!” -John Lennon

Why choose us

Our true passion is making your dream of having a family a reality. Unlike other surrogacy agencies, we ensure thorough screening of the intended parents, egg donors, and gestational surrogates before even initiating the matching process. Our diversity enables us to tailor solutions that suit your particular case with the help of assisted reproductive technology. Ukrainian Institute of Surrogacy (UI Surrogacy) guarantees that a team of knowledgeable professionals will be guiding and sharing all that is necessary to ensure a successful and smooth fertility journey. Our collection of leading doctors, best fertility clinics, and high-profile experts with esteemed reputations is recognized not only in Ukraine but also beyond its borders. A personal multilingual coordinator will support the Intended Parents. In addition, we will be your fundamental connection between all the parties by providing regular updates. Our couples come to us from various parts of the world, including Scandinavian countries, the UK, Western and Eastern Europe, the US, Australia, China.

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  • Sperm donation

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