St Jude's Fertility Clinic

St Jude’s Fertility Clinic is a specialist healthcare provider of Fertility & Assisted conception services. It is privately owned and has been in operation since 2001. The clinic is named after St Jude, the Patron Saint of HOPE.
Most couples who have been or are still on the Fertility Journey will appreciate the essence of HOPE (and not giving up) in order to reach the desired destination of having a baby (or babies).
Since its inception, St Jude’s Clinic has helped many couples from different corners of the globe to achieve their heart’s desire of having a family. Indeed, in December 2013 we celebrated the birth of the 1000th child born through treatment at the clinic. This is remarkable. We are not resting on our oars. We believe the future holds greater progress.
St Jude’s is committed to delivering good quality fertility care in a compassionate and caring environment.
Over the years we have achieved many significant milestones:

  1. One of the first clinics to start offering Blastocyst-stage embryo transfer as standard, well before it became “fashionable”.
  2. St Jude’s was in top 10 clinics in 2008 according to HFEA published success rates.
  3. The Medical Director, Mr J. Adeghe was nominated for an award by the INFERTILITY NETWORK (a non-Governmental Advocacy body for Infertility in the UK) in 2008.
  4. One of the first fertility clinics in the UK to offer free IVF cycles (on a lottery basis).
  5. One of the first clinics in the UK to organise support evenings (Night of Hope) for couples experiencing a very difficult fertility journey.

Our services are backed up by:
– Experienced, Dedicated & Friendly Staff
– Personal attention / Individualised Care NOT “one cap fits all” approach
– Flexible appointments
– Commitment to High Quality Care
– Delivering a successful service since 2001
– HFEA License since 2002
– CQC Registration
We operate a satellite clinic at our sister hospital, St Jude’s Hospital, situated in tranquil surroundings in Newcastle-Under-lyme, Staffordshire, with ample car parking space.
The satellite clinic offers people in Staffordshire and adjoining Cheshire easy access to our services thereby reducing the need to travel to distant clinics for treatment.
The following services are offered from the satellite clinic:

  • Consultation
  • Fertility investigations – Semen analysis, Blood tests for Hormone levels, Tubal patency tests, Infection screening
  • Ultrasound scanning
  • Counselling
  • Assisted conception treatment (IUI, IVF, ICSI, Donor Sperm, Egg Donation), in collaboration with St Jude’s Clinic, Wolverhampton


Why choose us

Providing care in a friendly and supportive environment.

Donor services
  • Egg donation
  • Egg sharing
  • Other
  • Sperm donation

IUI from £990 (excluding medication)
IVF from £3650 (excluding medication)
ICSI from £3850 (excluding medication)

  • Fertility preservation
HFEA inspection rating


Success rates

Average live birth rate per embryo transferred across all ages => 14%

Pregnancies per cycle

<35 years old => No data available

35-37 years old => No data available

38-39 years old => No data available

40-42 years old => No data available

43-44 years old => No data available

>44 years old => 0%

  • NHS patients
  • Private patients
  • Patients from abroad

Penn Road
West Midlands
United Kingdom
Satellite clinic:
St Jude's Hospital
P: 01782 612500
St Jude's Hospital Sandy Lane
Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire

Phone number

01902 620 831 / 01902 620 831

Mon 08.00 - 18.00 Tue 08.00 - 17.30 Wed 08.00 - 18.00 Thu 08.00 - 18.00 Fri 08.00 - 18.00 Sat 08.30 - 14.30 Sun contact the clinic