Sarah Jons Therapy

I’m Sarah Jons and work full time as a therapist. I have a deep understanding and years of training in a range of alternative and complementary therapies.  I’m the Co-Founder of The Big Breath Company and deliver workshops, retreats and training in the UK and abroad to groups.

I qualified as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist over 10 years ago, and as a Breathworker back in 2014 and have now worked with hundreds of clients on simple and complex issues such as sexual abuse and trauma.


Nowadays my specialism is to help women struggling to become mothers. Because this issue holds life long meaning to me, I work from an authentic position of knowledge and understanding.

This allows me to work at the deepest and most fulfilling level possible. Remember therapy is a two way exchange. I benefit too.

And this also means working with my clients on any issues that may be connected to this struggle. From eating disorders, addictions, previous childbirth trauma through to recurrent miscarriage and abortion.


My approach would work for any woman who is

  • Stressed about their inability to conceive
  • Struggling with a diagnosis of unexplained infertility
  • On an IVF Programme
  • Feeling overwhelmed with negative emotions, such as grief and sadness
  • Obsessively worrying about their biological clock
  • Single and wants to be a mother
  • Facing ‘mother loss’


Many women know about the mind-body connection but just don’t know how this impacts, and how to harness this relationship to their advantage to help them conceive.

Whether you’re looking for support with natural or assisted reproduction,  I provide a simple framework to follow.

Why choose us

Combining therapeutic approaches and breathwork to support women to become mothers


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