Lara Rosenthal

Our Mission in a word, it is: VITALITY

We help you find your sweet spot. Chinese medicine calls it balance. This is where the hormones are in balance, fertility and overall wellness are optimized, our energy is strong, and we enjoy the sweetness of life despite its inevitable challenges. We guide you through the confusing world of too-much-information and help you find a way of living well in your body, so you can thrive and create the life you want.

Enhancing Fertility Naturally

We offer a safe, highly effective and affordable program of acupuncture, Chinese herbs, nutrition and lifestyle guidance for couples that are trying to conceive. This approach maximizes the couple’s chances of conceiving naturally, is comfortable and relaxing, and improves the overall sense of wellbeing and vitality in the process.

Egg Freezing & Egg Quality

Our Egg Freezing preparation program is designed to get your blood and energy flowing so you go into egg freezing protocol as strong and balanced as can be, with the goal to retrieve as many healthy eggs as possible.

Why choose us

Lara Rosenthal has contributed to many publications including 'Fertility & Sterility' 'Parents' and 'The Journal of Chinese Medicine'


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