Northern Sky Yoga Club

I offer yoga for fertility support courses. The aim is to provide a safe space for women trying to conceive; supporting them through yoga (with appropriate poses for any stage of treatment cycles), connection with others and a range of other nourishing practices such as meditation, deep relaxation and sound baths. Run as six-week series, and one-off workshops, groups are of no more than ten people, to allow a sense of privacy, trust and connection to evolve. Sessions will generally consist of a space to share, yoga sequences to nurture and restore and conclude with deep relaxation through yoga nidra. Sessions will evolve and develop in response to the needs and dynamic of each group.

Why choose us

Find some sanctuary in the mm amidst the experience of trying to conceive. Connect with others. Feel safe, heard and held.


£75 for six week courses


71 Bowerfold Lane
Heaton Norris

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After suffering a miscarriage, I was looking for a way to be able to relax and calm myself down if I was feeling anxious. Helen's fertility yoga course not only did that, but it also gave me so much more. I met a group of amazing women who are so supportive, and who can understand something you're going through in a way that a lot of people (including family and friends) can't.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the course ... it has provided some much needed self-focus and help with relaxation but also a chance to meet you and the other ladies which has been a truly positive and affirmative experience. Thank you so much for shining a light on this community and for giving people a chance to connect and support one another in what can otherwise be such a lonely and negative place.

I started out looking for a meet up on Instagram. That's how I found Helen and the Yoga Fertility Sanctuary. The yoga is gentle, and each session ends with a lovely guided relaxation, which feels like a warm hug. But the sessions aren't just about. They're a space to be, with a chance to talk if you want to. There's something very special about being with other people who completely understand. The sessions have been such a positive experience. I feel they are helping me to begin the process of restoring, reconnecting and healing.