Milton Keynes Fertility

Satellite clinic to Oxford Fertility.


Who can use the satellite?

The satellite is available to all patients, both NHS and self-funding, who are concerned about their fertility and wish to seek advice about options, tests and IVF. Patients currently undergoing fresh IVF or frozen embryo replacement cycles can also use the satellite service for scans and blood test appointments.


Which appointments can I have at the satellite?

The following appointments can take place at the Milton Keynes satellite:

  • Doctor consultation
  • Nurse planning appointment
  • Down regulation scan appointments
  • Follicular tracking scans
  • Follow-up medical consultation


All patients will have to attend Oxford for their egg collection and embryo transfer appointment. Some patients may also require additional procedures (e.g. cyst aspiration, sperm freeze, surgical sperm retrieval) which can only be done at the main unit in Oxford. Counselling appointments can also be done at Oxford Fertility, or on special request via Skype.


How will using the satellite affect my treatment?

The aim of the satellite service is to make treatment more convenient for you. Our Milton Keynes satellite is staffed by a highly experienced team who offer an excellent standard of care. Appointments are conducted in line with Oxford Fertility’s protocols and all scan and blood test results are sent to the main unit so the decisions made about your treatment, and your chances of success, are the same whether you choose to have your appointments in Milton Keynes or Oxford.


Why choose us

Staffed by a highly experienced team who offer an excellent standard of care.


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