Karin Feldman LMHC, CCBT, NCC

The only journey is the one within

Therapy provides a unique opportunity to form a relationship with an empathic professional who will join you in the journey toward self discovery, growth and change.

As a compassionate, integrative clinical psychotherapist, I offer support, encourage self-understanding and help address current life challenges and long standing issues. As I embrace the individual differences of the persons in my practice, the therapeutic approaches I use are designed to meet your unique needs and complexities, and the goals you are seeking to achieve in therapy. My Park Slope Brooklyn practice is a place for self-discovery, Support and Hope.

Infertility Counseling for women, couples & Groups

The unexpected struggle to conceive naturally is one of the most distressing experiences for women and couples going through it. Specializing in Infertility Counseling & Support, I provide supportive therapy to individuals, couples and (women’s Groups) in different stages of their journey toward becoming a parent.


In an effort to support your emotional well-being and encourage hope, I facilitate Support Groups which are tailored to women struggling with infertility issues. Groups meet once weekly for a full hour, and are a forum for emotional support, education and hope. Group process is fully confidential.
The Women’s Infertility Support Group will offer you an opportunity to:
– Bond with other women facing Infertility challenges
 – Develop a Support network
 – Validate your emotional responses to this life crisis
– Gain helpful tools for coping with the emotional ups and downs of Infertility
Why choose us

Karin Feldman LMHC, CCBT, NCC, is a New York State Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist and Certified cognitive behavioral therapist. She holds two graduate degrees in Psychology and Clinical Mental Health Counseling.


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