Julie Larson LCSW

This is how feeling better begins

But sometimes we need someone to sit by our side, listen very closely and help us find our way.


I believe there is something powerful at work within you. While I can’t walk in your shoes, I can walk alongside you and work to understand what today must be like for you. Early on, we will set goals focused on cultivating self awareness and developing useful coping tools so you feel more confident and grounded during times of stress.

Our work can lead to discovering patterns of thinking and behaving which, based on my experience, likely began for purposeful and understandable reasons but are negatively affecting how you experience life today. You deserve support as you work to understand, heal and begin approaching relationships or situations in a more fulfilling way.


While I work with individuals of all ages who are experiencing distress for many different reasons, I have focused much of my career on the emotional impact of infertility and pregnancy loss, grief, and the unique stress of young adulthood.


Women and couples can face unexpected medical treatments, a sense of isolation from friends and family and the restlessness of tolerating the passage of time.  Staying engaged at work or within relationships can be complicated.  Learning how to care for yourself today requires fine tuning self-awareness and exploring how you might feel more control along the way.

Why choose us

I am trained in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), mindfulness based cognitive therapy (MBCT) and non-violent communication (NVC). I am also informed by narrative therapy, positive psychology and spirituality in mental health.


Cost: $150/hour


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