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Bonita Rayner-Jones is a Hypnotherapist based in Harley Street, London and is specifically trained in Fertility Hypnosis to work with clients with fertility problems and has vast experience in this area.

Are you looking for help to conceive naturally or would like some support during your existing IVF plan?

We provide Specialist help in this area, by providing a ‘mind’ fertility Hypnotherapy programme to help you to become the Mother and/or Father you would like to be. We can help prepare you in advance of getting pregnant, whether this is naturally or prior and during IVF.

Your mind exerts tremendous power over your body so if you are finding you are not conceiving as quickly as you would like, we can help to address the ‘mind’ element of the problem.

We predominantly work with women through the Fertility Hypnotherapy programme but we can also provide support for male partners   It is most beneficial to bring balance to both partners, emotionally and physically, during a time that can become very stressful if this emotional aspect is not treated in parallel.

The Fertility Hypnotherapy programme typically consists of 5 sessions to address all aspects of fertility, but we can also tailor the sessions to your individual, specific needs.  This can be done by providing more or fewer sessions depending on your individual circumstances.

Why choose us

I write for The Telegraph on Sunday as their Health & Wellbeing Expert and my clinic in Harley Street has been listed amongst the ‘Harley Street Heroes’ in the London Evening Standard


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