Claria Yoga

Welcome to Claria Yoga, a holistic therapeutic practice, which aims to help you regain a balanced body and mind.

Rooted in Hatha Yoga and Restorative Yoga, my practice is fluid, supportive and nurturing, and accommodates all body types, respecting each person’s body structure and journey.

The fertility yoga practice that I offer is gentle and tailored specifically for you or your partner, and where you are in your fertility journey. The movements, meditation and breath work are designed to help release tension, promote physical ease, alleviate anxiety and stress, and foster relaxation and inner stillness.

Sequences consist of slow, gentle movement to invite energy, flow and circulation into the reproductive area, and gradually ease stress and tension out of the body. Pranayama (breath work) invites a sense of connection between mind and body to facilitate the flow of energy. Meditation and visualisation help to maintain mindfulness, positivity and calm to keep anxiety at bay.

If you are undergoing IVF treatment, this practice will help to promote physical comfort and inner calm throughout your IVF cycle, from the suppression phase to the two-week wait, often considered to be the toughest and most challenging step in the process.


Conducted in your own home

Conducted in your own home Sessions last 75-90 mins