Chinese Acupuncture of Brooklyn & Staten Island

Acupuncture & Alternative Chinese Medicine of New York is a comprehensive clinic founded by Mr. Ming-Liang Jiang, located at campus of New York Methodist Hospital, Brooklyn, New York, providing a broad range of alternative solutions for woman’s health, pain, allergy, stress, and other related health issues. The clinic is affiliated with the Center of Complementary and Alternative Medicine at New York Methodist Hospital.

If you want to try and treat infertility with acupuncture and Chinese medicine you should come in for a consultation and a diagnosis. We will look at your specific case and see what can be done to help you. Mr. Jiang offers comprehensive initial consultations. During the first visit, he will review the patient’s medical history, as well as history of infertility. He will examine the timing of the patient’s menstrual cycle and the patient’s current physical condition through observation of the tongue, pulse, and palpation. He will also discuss the goals of treatment with the patient. From his many years experiences in the treatment of women’s health issues, and careful reviewing and analyzing your specific case, Mr. Jiang can often identify factors that influence both conception and pregnancy, and subtle signs of imbalance can lead to future illness. He will provide you with a personalized assessment and a comprehensive treatment plan.

In addition to infertility treatment, Mr. Jiang also educates and helps you to recognize your own fertility patterns and profile by teaching you how to chart your temperature, monitoring the texture of their cervical secretions and identifying the timing of ovulation. With those knowledge you will have a better chance of predicting your most fertile periods.

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Ming-Liang Jiang, MD (China), has studied and practiced acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine for nearly 30 years


263 7th Avenue, Suite 2B
Spine & Arthritis Center
New York Methodist Hospital
NY 11215

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