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Choosing the right sperm bank makes choosing the right sperm donor easy. An industry leader for almost 40 years, California Cryobank combines the world’s most comprehensive selection of stringently screened sperm donors with extensive quality control, a highly trained staff, and valuable post-conception services to offer the most complete sperm banking experience available.


California Cryobank ships to more than 40 different countries. We’ve helped create thousands of healthy families across the globe!


Donors must be HFEA-compliant in order to be shipped to the UK. CCB is excited to be able to offer its UK patients a selection of over 75 (and growing!) donors available for UK patients to choose from.


Why choose us

We are dedicated to helping you find the best donor possible. The California Cryobank sperm bank staff is ready at all times to guide you through the process of narrowing down your selection of donor sperm and ultimately making a choice that works best for you. Our extensive experience and resources make the process as convenient and comfortable as possible.

Donor services
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