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Lyn qualified as a reflexologist in 1998 and has been a practitioner since then. She has built on her skills by subsequently undertaking in-depth training in Maternity and Reproductive Reflexology (ReproflexologyTM), an area she has felt drawn to from the beginning. She has extensive experience working with women and couples who have fertility issues, such as recurrent early miscarriage, as well as helping expectant mothers through the ups and downs of pregnancy and post-natal care.

Lyn works holistically with her clients, taking the areas of their lifestyles that affect wellbeing into account, as well as specific symptoms and medical conditions. Once she has carried out a thorough consultation and gained a full history, Lyn provides tailored treatment plans that help underlying conditions and enhance natural fertility or support all forms of assisted fertility treatment.

Lyn is passionate about sharing well-researched information to empower individuals to optimise their health and seek medical help where appropriate. Through reflexology and her holistic approach, she enables clients to feel more relaxed, positive and in control on their path towards successful parenthood.

Lyn is a Full Member and Former Board Member of the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists and a Full Member of the Association of Reflexologists.

Why choose us

A wealth of experience and a forensic approach to understanding your case, together with fully bespoke and measurable treatment plans


Initial Consultation:
For a single client £90 (1.5 hrs)
For a couple £120 (2hrs)

Follow up treatments:
£60 (60 mins)
Package of 6 treatments - £324 Payable in advance


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Greater London

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+44 7801 240542

I first saw Lyn almost 10 months after coming off the contraceptive pill as I was trying to conceive and my periods hadn’t returned. We worked on mirroring what my body should have been doing during a typical menstrual cycle. Lyn is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to the female body and fertility, in addition to focussing our treatments on my reproductive system Lyn was also able to advise me on diet and lifestyle tweaks, and after treating me for a few months my cycle kicked in and I was pregnant the following cycle - something fertility drugs couldn’t even do for us.

I can’t recommend Lyn highly enough, she is an absolute expert in her field and also become a good friend and confidante during an incredibly difficult time.

Hayley, Ashtead

I just wanted to let you know that we had our little boy Jamie in October. We couldn't be happier with him and all our dreams have come true. Thank you so much for all your advice and sessions during my IVF treatment, I know that this definitely contributed to our success and I am extremely grateful for your support. I have no doubt that if we did decide to go through IVF again I will be in touch.

Rosie, Surbiton

My wife had been seeing Lyn for recurrent miscarriages and after she had been given the all clear both privately and on the NHS, Lyn advised us to get my sperm tested privately for DNA defragmentation. As this is not currently offered on the NHS, we thought hard about Lyn’s advice, but in the end decided to proceed and this did come back with negative results. Lyn was convinced this was the cause of our miscarriages and advised us (and me in particular) to make a number of simple lifestyle changes (e.g. better diet, no caffeine, no beer etc) and have reflexology weekly for 10-12 weeks as this is how long it takes for sperm to regenerate fully. We followed her advice and the first month we tried for a baby (after the 12 weeks was complete) we fell pregnant and are now 22 weeks pregnant. My wife has been seeing Lyn on and off since 2012, when we first started trying to conceive. She provides sound, well researched advice and takes great care in all her clients. She also provides a very homely, tranquil environment in which to have the treatments. I would certainly recommend Lyn to others as by the end of my treatment I felt totally relaxed and much healthier.

Ian, Surbiton
Weekdays: 10:00 to 19:30 Alternate Saturdays: 10:30 to 16:00