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Empower Yourself

Having a baby is the most wonderful and special period of your life.  However sometimes it may be a struggle and it leaves you feeling vulnerable and powerless.   When you are going through the situation yourself it is difficult to be objective and see the trees from the forest.  Everything is chaotic, pressurised and  you may feel confused and frustrated.  These feelings are natural especially when everyone else is getting pregnant except you. You may just need someone to light the way for you to take the next steps.

We all have our own fertility journey that is very personal to us. It is hard to talk to anyone about it because no seems to understand. Everyone is quick to judge and sympathise. This is the primary motivation behind the creation of Positive Fertile Belief to provide a safe protected non judgemental environment for one to feel uplifted, empowered and calmer.   Only when are able to dedicate time to ourselves and our wellbeing will we be able to be welcoming parents to our future children.

The Fertile Body Method consists of mind-body approaches to help identify and address the mental, emotional and physical factors which affect fertility and reduce the negative effects of infertility.   The sessions consist of (1) outcome, (2) balance, (3) resolve, (4) enhance, (5) prepare and (6) support

Treatments include:

Fertility Massage Therapy™ 

Fertility Reflexology

Bach Flower Remedies

Mindfulness, Meditation & Yoga

Why choose us

Positive Fertile Belief is all about reprogramming your mind to experience optimum health.
We work together during our one to one sessions to help identify the main obstacles in your life that are causing dis-ease both on a physical and mental level, taking you on a journey of self development to experience a flourishing life


Fertility Coaching Package
6 sessions £250.00


For address details please contact Arty on phone number provided

Phone number

0782 464 3182