Alison Hall Nutrition

I am a Registered Nutritional Therapist, Functional Medicine Practitioner and health coach, and I empower couples to improve their fertility, naturally. Areas of special interest include thyroid health, PCOS, endometriosis, recurrent miscarriage and preparations to optimise the IVF journey.

I’ve been where you are now. After years living a hectic London life as a television producer and struggling with AWOL hormones and facing challenging pregnancies, I needed to take stock and take back control. A lifelong passion for food and wellbeing led me to retrain at The Institute for Optimum Nutrition, graduating with distinction four years later and I have since completed further postgraduate training in fertility, pregnancy and postpartum health.

The foods we eat provide fuel for our body, and crucially, information for our cells. Food has the potential to help us function at our very best. Research now shows us that targeted diet and lifestyle changes can improve both natural conception and IVF success rates. Our reproductive systems have specific nutrient requirements and by creating personalised nutritional support we can improve our cycles, egg and sperm quality and the womb environment that will nurture your future child.

Why choose us

Having found nutrition to be a big part of the puzzle to overcome her own fertility challenges, Alison understands the journey you are on and provides scientific, tailored support to help you, every step of the way.


Complimentary thirty minute calls available for anyone interested in finding out more
Prices for a 3 month fertility package start at £450


Tufnell Park and online clinic

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+447808 829966

I feel more in control and optimistic ... I have taken charge and I'm giving my body a fighting chance at health.
I think everyone should see Alison. It will revolutionise how you eat, see food and yourself.
CM, London

Alison has a client centred approach to her work and is a kind, sensitive practitioner, which makes it easy to talk to her. Alison is very professional. I am forever grateful.
EA, London

Alison has helped me work through my underlying health issues over the last 3 months. Her knowledge shines through and she is truly passionate about what she does. She is friendly, understanding and highly knowledgeable! I can honestly say it made me feel so empowered! I couldn’t recommend her enough!