AcuMedic is a world renowned Chinese Medical clinical organisation founded by Prof. Man Fong Mei, a pioneer in the integration of Chinese Medicine with Western medicine. Established in 1972, AcuMedic has been at the forefront of modern Chinese Medicine in the UK for over 4 decades and its specialists have treated over 50,000 patients. AcuMedic has unrivalled clinical expertise and a team of doctors with the highest level of qualifications and experience.

We offer a flagship centre for health including:

  • Large private medical clinic with 18 treatment rooms
  • Professional herbal dispensary
  • Comprehensive health and medical bookshop
  • Herbal health shop
  • Premium Mei Leaf teahouse
  • Sinensis herbal skincare sales department
  • Professional medical sales department supplying doctors and hospitals
  • Lecture facilities for teaching Chinese Medicine to conventional Doctors

The AcuMedic medical team is cherry-picked from prestigious clinical and academic institutions to provide the most comprehensive and effective treatment possible.

Why choose us

One of the largest clinics in the world and the largest outside Asia. The Clinical Director, Dr Lily Hua Yu is one of the most renowned Chinese doctors in Europe and has more than 40 years experience.


£65 per session


101-105 Camden High Street

Phone number

020 7388 6704

Monday to Friday: 9am-7:30pm Saturday: 10am-7:00pm Sunday: 9am-6pm