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  • what is fertility yoga?

    We all know that yoga (which actually means union in sanskrit, India’s ancient language) is sooooo good for us. And no, not just that lie-down bit at the end but the whole thing: breathing, movement, relaxation – yoga has it all!
    So it makes sense that yoga would be good for fertility, too. You could go ahead and carry on with your standard yoga practice and this will definitely be beneficial but you can also seek out some yoga aimed specifically at fertility (if you’re lucky enough you might find a local group class but otherwise there are plenty of teachers who can offer one-to-one fertility yoga).

  • what will happen at an appointment?

    Your teacher will take you through a class and also show you some poses (or asanas if you prefer the proper sanskrit lingo) that support fertility – think lots of hip openers to promote blood flow to your reproductive organs. And, of course, there will be plenty of time for savasana (yes, that bit at the end where you lie down) as these sessions should feel lovely and relaxing.

    You can practice fertility yoga at home as well – just make sure you’re following the guidance of a qualified teacher. Your cycle is also important – some poses are not suitable for certain parts of your cycle and there’s also some that will be particularly beneficial at certain times, for example, around ovulation.

  • why is it good for fertility?

    Well, being fit and healthy is obviously good for fertility. And yoga is also a very relaxing way to stay fit and healthy. Not only that, there are certain poses that are really great for fertility by increasing blood to the reproductive area, stimulating those all-important hormone-producing glands and releasing muscle tension.

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