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  • what are online programmes?

    It’s difficult to define online because it could be almost anything! The joy of online is that you really can access it anywhere (assuming you’ve got decent wifi), anytime. Which means if you really love that teacher over in New York but are London-based, you can still access her teachings. Obviously some things are better-suited to online programmes than others – there are lots of courses on areas such as fertility nutrition or lifestyle choices and many coaches or counsellors will offer remote Skype sessions or online programmes. For some things you clearly need to be there in person – it’s a bit difficult to get a massage from someone 1000 miles away – but you might find someone who’s able to teach you some self-care.

  • what will happen at an appointment?

    An appointment might be a scheduled session that you attend online or you might be able to access the course or programme whenever suits you. Whatever you’re doing online just make sure you know beforehand what you’ll be doing or learning about, what the time commitment is and whether you get access to any extra features (such as an online community) before you sign up.

    It’s worth reading the reviews to see what others felt about the course. And have a think about what’s important to you. For example, do you want someone in your own country or is that not a factor? Do you want access to a community? How much time do you have? Can you dip in and out of the materials? Would you prefer the material to be live or recorded? Asking yourself these sorts of questions upfront will ensure you spend your time (and money) wisely and get the most out of any online sessions.

  • why is it good for fertility?

    It depends what the course is but most will focus on a particular aspect of fertility, whether that’s relaxation, lifestyle choices, coaching etc. Just think about what you want or need to work on.

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