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  • what is fertility nutrition?

    We all know that being a healthy weight is important for fertility – in fact many clinics set a BMI limit on treatment and this is because it is directly linked to success rates. It’s not just being a healthy weight that’s important but it’s also what we put in our bodies. That old adage, we are what we eat has never been more true.

    A nutritionist will help you develop healthy eating habits and a diet that best supports fertility. Don’t worry, this isn’t dieting in the traditional sense and you certainly won’t be starving yourself – it’s all about eating the right foods for your body and to support your health.

  • what will happen at an appointment?

    You’ll likely need to provide details about your current eating habits (and keeping a food diary can be a helpful way to do this). Your nutritionist will talk to you about your lifestyle as well so that they can create a personalised plan that suits you. You’ll then have to go away and implement this (step away from the ice cream!), with check-ins to keep you on track along the way.

  • why is it good for fertility?

    You’ll feel better, have more energy and improve your gut health (there’s so much growing evidence about the importance of the gut to our overall wellbeing). In addition, the right nutrition plan can help promote hormonal balance, egg and sperm health, reduce the risk of miscarriage and ensure your body provides the healthiest possible home to support conception and pregnancy. The right diet can be important for both men and women so it’s important we all get to grips with it.

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