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  • what is meditation?

    There are many ways to describe the art of meditation but, put simply, meditation uses relaxation, focus and awareness to transform the mind.

    Meditation is old and there are so many types, mostly based on various eastern traditions. You can always find one to suit you and contrary to popular misconception, you don’t have to sit still for hours on end like a zen master to crack it. Meditation is a skill and practice is really the key. It’s worth exploring different types to see what fits with you and your lifestyle.

    Mindfulness is another thing which has become very popular in the last decade. This is something you can practice at any moment of the day and simply means being fully present, aware and engaged in the here and now, whether that’s brushing your teeth or hanging out with your best friend. Each day brings many opportunities to be mindful.

  • what will happen at an appointment?

    Your teacher will likely first need to teach you one or more meditation techniques. Generally you can practice these at home as building up a daily practice is really the key to success. You might then join private or group sessions – the power of a community meditating is immense (do check out our Live Meditations to experience this). Again, this is another opportunity to shop around, find a teacher and a practice you like.

  • why is it good for fertility?

    And relax… Can you count the number of times people have said to you, “oh, you just need to relax and it’ll happen”. As annoying as it sounds, there is some truth to it. Being in a relaxed state and eliminating stress from the body does help with fertility. And meditation is great for both of these things. But don’t just take our word for it, there’s plenty of science to back it up. Want to understand more? Check out our Magazine section.

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