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body work

  • what is body work?

    We’re using the term ‘body work’ as a catch-all for any practice where someone is working with your body (excluding massage which warrants a category all of its own). Every practitioner works slightly differently and they might use a combination of techniques to treat you. For the most part, it’s going to feel really good and you’ll leave your session feeling oh so relaxed.

    Just so you know what you’re letting yourself in for, here’s a quick bit about the main types of body work that are used to treat fertility…

  • what is osteopathy?

    This is all about moving, stretching and massaging your joints and muscles. Your osteopath will use their hands to find areas of weakness, restriction or tension in the body, particularly the spine. They might look to treat faulty body mechanics, incorrect body posture or misaligned organs.

  • what is craniosacral therapy?

    This is a gentle treatment working with the body to heal itself through light touch. If you’re after something ever so relaxing and soft, this is your go-to. Craniosacral therapy focuses on treating the brain and spinal cord and improving the central nervous system. Your therapist will aim to treat any blockages in underlying energy and vitality through very gentle touch manipulations.

  • what is EFT?

    EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques or psychological acupressure) is a relatively new type of energy work that aims to release blockages in the energy system. The practitioner will use their fingertips to tap on energy points in the body (think acupuncture but without the needles) at the same time as focusing on a particular problem or emotion. The idea is to “short-circuit” the body’s learnt response of negative emotion.

  • what is BodyTalk?

    This is similar to EFT in lots of ways and uses the body’s own energy systems to heal itself. It’s a holistic approach that looks to restore balance and help the body better communicate. Your therapist will use your hand as a tool to establish a yes/no response based on the biofeedback your body gives to a series of questions. A tapping technique will then be used to treat imbalances.

  • what will happen at an appointment?

    Depending on how the therapist is working this might be a clothes on or clothes off therapy – your therapist will let you know, don’t worry. Therapists will likely all use their hands but expect different levels of pressure so decide what best suits you – gentle or deep pressure?

    Most therapies will recommend a course of treatments so find out from your therapist what’s involved. You might be able to do some self-care at home too to help things along in between sessions.

  • why is it good for fertility?

    Some of these treatments will focus on specific fertility issues like improving hormonal function and increasing blood flow to the reproductive organs. Others will focus on whole-body treatments in the belief that an old injury or imbalance in one system (such as your circulatory or your musculoskeletal system) can have an impact on your reproductive system.

    Of course, most of these treatments are also designed to relax you and reduce stress so are friendly for fertility in that way too.

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