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  • what is acupuncture?

    It’s been around for years – about 3,000 years, give or take – and is a form of ancient Chinese medicine.
    Though the prospect of someone sticking needles into different points on your skin may sound a little scary, there’s method in the madness so stay with us.
    Think of your body like a giant city map. Inside are grids of energy channels (called meridians) and sometimes these channels get blocked. These blocks can be big or small (think massive traffic jam on the motorway versus a temporary hold-up at traffic lights). Inserting fine needles at specific points on your body’s ‘grid’ releases these blocks and allows energy (or Qi if you want the official lingo) to flow more freely again. This brings the body back into balance – so no more traffic build-up. Yay!

  • what will happen at an appointment?

    Firstly, don’t worry. It won’t be painful but you might experience a mild tingling or dull ache when the fine needs are first inserted. The sensation will quickly pass and it just means the treatment is working Your acupuncturist will create a treatment plan for you based on your history and situation. You’ll probably need a series of treatments.

  • why is it good for fertility?

    It’s all about the Qi! Chinese medicine believes the body needs to be in harmony so we have the best chance of making a baby.
    If you prefer talking in more scientific terms then acupuncture is used to balance the endocrine system (that’s the system in charge of producing those all-important hormones that regulate everything from sleep, sexual function and reproduction through to mood). It can also help improve blood flow to the reproductive organs so is often used in the run up to and at embryo transfer stage in IVF to encourage implantation.
    Not only that, acupuncture is great for reducing stress and we all know stress is the enemy of fertility. Many acupuncturists report that their clients fall asleep in sessions so it might be great for catching up on 40 winks.

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