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Fertility Foodie: curries

Fertility Foodie: curries

We love a good curry! So delicious and vibrant and ever so comforting as the cold nights set in. Plus, made right, they can be super healthy and you can pack them full of whatever you like (meat, fish, veggies) so they're super versatile. Check out this curated list of our favourite curries - perfect to serve in a big vat to friends or as leftovers curled up on the sofa.

Of course, the most important thing for fertility is having a healthy, varied and balanced diet and lifestyle. We don’t prescribe certain superfoods that will cure all your fertility issues but we’ve chosen recipes that are yummy, good for us and contain ingredients that have fertility-boosting properties.

Sweet Potato Dahl

By Anna Jones

Why is it good for fertility? Lentils are great for us in so many ways! They're an amazing source of plant-based protein and folate (folic acid). They also contain high levels of polyamine spermidine (something which may contribute to healthy sperm).

This is my go-to comfort food. If I'm feeling a bit rubbish, I knock up a batch of this and feel warmed from the inside out. It's a great freezer food as well (I often don't bother with sweet potato and chutney and instead just go with lots of fresh coriander and a big squeeze of lime). Get the recipe here

Thai Green Chicken Curry

By Jamie Oliver

Why is it good for fertility? Lots of greens, a healthy and lean source of protein. Pair it with brown rice as a complex carb.

I've been making this tried and tested Jamie recipe since I was at uni (which was a long time ago!) and it always goes down a treat - you can't beat a fresh paste - it's so herby and vibrant (and the smell is divine!). I don't eat chicken so just replace that with prawns or veggies. Get the recipe here

Coconut Fish Curry

By Meera Sodha

Why is it good for fertility? Healthy white fish makes a great source of protein. Tomatoes are rich in lycopene which is important for healthy sperm (count and swimming speed apparently!). Add some extra green veg and this will be packed full of super healthy, fertility-boosting foods.

This is a Keralan (southern Indian) curry. If you haven't tried Keralan food before then give it a go - I tend to think of it as a beautiful blend of Indian (from the spices) and Thai (from the coconut) cuisines. Plus it's a lovely light curry. Get the recipe here

Roasted Coconut, Lime and Tamarind Curry

By Anna Jones

Why is it good for fertility? Green veg and tomatoes again - a great fertility combo. I'll often add chick peas to this if I fancy a bit more bulk and to add to the fertility goodness.

I know this is the second Anna Jones curry here but this is my other go-to curry that I can make out of store cupboard ingredients. It has a punchy sweet and sour profile so makes for an interesting change and is super delicious. Get the recipe here

Beetroot, Chickpea and Coconut Curry

By Rukmini Iyer for The Happy Foodie

Why is it good for fertility? Chick peas are great all round - protein, folate (folic acid) and fibre to support hormonal balance. Dig in!

This is featured in one of my new fave books - The Green Roasting Tin. It has so many super useful and easy ideas for tasty food that you can just cook in one pot in the oven. I'd highly recommend it! And this recipe looks super interesting on the table. Get the recipe here

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